The Rambling Kind (2014 Demo)

by The Rambling Kind

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Demo EP of original Rambling Kind songs and a medley of traditional fiddle tunes. A mix of bluegrass, country and other influences.


released March 1, 2014

Annika Amstutz: Fiddle
Gareth Buckley: Bass
Rich Koloszyc: Mandolin / Vocals
Jeff Tunstall: Guitar / Vocals

Recording, Mixing, Mastering: Erik Morgan
Tracks 1,2,4,5 written by J. Tunstall



all rights reserved


The Rambling Kind Easthampton, Massachusetts

The Rambling Kind plays their own take on bluegrass and country music. Playing a diverse variety of original songs, bluegrass standards, and rocking fiddle tunes, their music is a breath of fresh air in the world of traditional bluegrass and sits in a unique pocket where songs of murder and outlaws fit with tender waltzes. ... more

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Track Name: Outsourced Blues
High on the hog, sawing a log
Dreaming of that sweet Mary J
The feds on the hill made em late on their bills
When they tore up those crops again

What do they expect folks to do
When they sent all their jobs away
Ain't much of a life for the kids and the wife
Working for minimum wage

Outsourced blues, outsourced blues
Heard all about it on the evening news
When you go out to do your shopping
Whatcha gonna choose
Your neighbor's job or the outsourced blues

Up around four, shot out the door
New batch of hope in hand
The load in his pack may be rough on the back
But it's sure nice working the land

Guess when you strip it all away
It runs so much deeper than the pay
It's tough to feel free, when you've lost your dignity
While the rich get rich every day

Track Name: Better Left Alone
Chasing truth, dug up demons
Went in smiling, ran out screaming
Pictures burned in, can't unsee them
It was better left alone

Touch the edge, felt the fire
As the heat rose, none the wiser
Smallest crack became a geyser
It was better left alone

Try to leave those loose threads hanging
Cause you never know what's under that stone
You could always take your chances
But it's better left alone, better left alone

Touched a spark off in the forest
Burned it down, like none before us
Left a void in nature's chorus
It was better left alone


Dogs are barking, cats are screaming
Something out there wasn't leaving
Could confront it but what's the reason
It was better left alone

Track Name: Magnesium
Hit my stride on the back end
When everyone was burning out
Not sure why that's how it happened
But now it's all I think about

Magnesium, a chunk of coal
Both burn hot but one burns slow
It keeps on going through the night
While the other's gone in a flash of light

Stood my ground under the pressure
Of everyone that I knew
They all thought that they had the answers
When even I didn't know the truth

When you're looking back tomorrow
Sorting through the treasures in your heart
Which one's likely to hold that place
The firework or the fire that kept your warm

Track Name: Wolf Hill
Set my stone on the mountain
And I'll face the heat and chill
So I may look upon the valley
Where I was raised and made my will

A hundred years of my family
Settled here and forged a deal
We take care of the treasures
Afforded by ole Wolf Hill

Cougar tracks, little shacks
With holes in the walls
Rattle snakes, busted gates
You can hear the turkey calls

Live each day by the season
Taught to eat what we kill
Ran a line from the river
To feed to crops and run the still


Always weary of strangers
Enchanted by the whippoorwill
Teach the children how to get by
In the shadow of ole Wolf Hill
Living in the shadows of ole Wolf Hill
Living in the shadows of ole Wolf Hill